RealAssets Corporation ("RealAssets™") is a new and independent spin-off  of the foreign based RootCorp. RootCorp was incorporated outside of the United States in 2007 as an Indo-British partnership founded by the Nichani Group, an Indian family office and investments powerhouse,  and Savills Investment Management (a subsidiary of Savills PLC). Prior to their partnership, each party had a long history of over 50 years, and together billions of dollars in real estate investments spanning multiple continents.

In late 2015, in conjunction with the development of the RealAssets™ proprietary technology, RootCorp's focus decisively pivoted to North American real estate markets due to its inherent stability, with the management spinning off two new and separate ventures,  RealAssets Corporation, incorporated in New Jersey, as the Investment Platform, and RootCorp LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of RealAssets Corporation), a Delaware limited liability company that will serve as the investment manager into North American real estate deals. RealAssets Corporation's inherited strength is in its extensive knowledge of technology, Investment Grade Real Estate, and vast experience in investment management. Additionally, the Nichani Group has a successful track record in information technology, building Exinom Technologies, a data analytics product company, and exiting profitably by a sale to NEC Japan. RealAssets' management team has experiences of close to $1 billion of closed U.S. transactions in the last 6 years and approximately $5 billion worth of real estate investments and transactions globally.