RealAssets™ is a tech - enabled real estate investment platform for institutional investors. RealAssets' easy to use cloud based technology revolutionizes the way investors can approach investment grade real estate by providing them with direct access to carefully curated properties that were once the domain of the large institutional investors. In addition to RealAssets™ careful curation of properties, it reduces financial intermediation and friction costs, and maintains "Best in Class" asset management, further revolutionizing the way investors invest in real assets.

Our Leadership Team has decades of experience in the real estate finance and investment management space across multiple asset classes and vehicles. In addition, the team employs an interdisciplinary expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics that enables us to develop our technology and combine our cumulative skill sets into a powerful solution that will usher us into a new era of real estate investment management.


RealAssets™ utilizes a proprietary, FinTech investment platform that is revolutionizing the institutional investment process and improves RealAssets™ ability to curate its deal flow and investor base. RealAssets™ targets investments that offer superior returns on a risk adjusted basis. Strong emphasis is placed on deals with a margin of safety and defined exits within 3-7 years. In addition,  RealAssets™ has access to a steady flow of deals through its experienced acquisition teams, its Strategic Alliance Partner network and direct relationships with CEO’s of property companies. 

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