Investment process

 RealAssets™ utilizes a proprietary, institutional quality investment process, that improves RealAssets™ ability to curate its deal flow.  Our tech-enabled investment platform also has intelligent processes that revolutionize the way investors can choose, analyze, pick, and manage their investments on our platform.  RealAssets™ targets investments that offer superior returns on a risk adjusted basis. Strong emphasis is placed on deals with a margin of safety and defined exits within 3-7 years. RealAssets™ has access to a steady flow of usually off market deals, through its experienced acquisition teams, its Strategic Alliance Partner network and direct relationships with CEO’s of property companies.

Aided by proprietary technology, RealAssets™ will be able to process augmented deal flow and remove layers of friction costs and fees typically associated with Investment Grade Real Estate acquisitions and provide its investors direct access and ownership in real estate that was previously accessible only via large fund managers or developers.

RealAssets™ employs a “Best in Class” multi-manager approach that curates deal flow from select sponsors in each geography, asset class, and sub asset class. 


Due Diligence

Every considered transaction is underwritten in house by the RealAssets™ acquisitions team. If the transaction meets the RealAssets™ risk profile, it will then be presented to the investment committee. On approval, the transaction will then pass through an extensive due diligence checklist. This due diligence process has been tailored and sharpened by RealAssets™ and its senior members and inherited from its previous parent companies.  Similar processes have been followed in its previous parent companies and their executive teams, to successfully transact on over $1 billion of global real estate assets.