Our Values

Central to RealAssets™ strategy are the following four values:

Generate the income that investor anticipated. 

Every investor will have the peace of mind of knowing that RealAssets™ strives for a superior return on a risk adjusted basis.  The board will ensure that all parties make the best effort for risk adjusted returns in meeting both yield and capital growth targets.  So in making every decision the question ‘Does it deliver the promised return to the investor?’ must be asked.

Positively contribute to society.
Whatever RealAssets™ produces - whether it is housing, offices, hotels or energy – the product must have a positive influence on society at large.  Homes must be comfortable and of good quality, offices should offer a good working environment and generate jobs and growth, hotels should deliver tourism and jobs, energy should give clean power where it is most needed.  In this case the theme, ‘Invest in a better life for many’ should run through all decisions.

Be kind to the environment and exploit technology
Any construction or infrastructure project has an environmental impact.  We will ensure that a balanced ecological view is taken in developing all our schemes.  Also, we will endeavor to exploit technology wherever possible to increase the efficiency and growth rate of the business.

Be a good citizen
RealAssets™ and its partners believe in playing an active role in providing or supporting housing, healthcare and education where it is most needed throughout the U.S.