RealAssets Press Release April 2017


●      RealAssets™ will curate “best-in-class” operators and funds through its robust investment process

●      The RealAssets™ platform will deliver superior returns to its investors by reducing layers and friction costs

New York City, NY- April 13th, 2017

RealAssets™ (, an independent spinoff from RootCorp and Cordea Nichani Fund Managers (an international joint venture originally formed between Nichani Group and Savills), is a fintech startup which has established itself as the first technology-driven real estate multi-manager in the United States. is geared toward high net-worth individuals (HNI’s), family offices and small institutional investors.  Investors who use the RealAssets™ platform will have access to a robust deal pipeline featuring exemplary “investment grade” real estate investments which have traditionally only been accessible to large institutions (e.g., insurance companies, fund managers, pension funds, private equity firms, REITs, etc.). Through its unique investment process, RealAssets™ offers its users the opportunity to invest in cash flow generating real estate (assets which appreciate in value), thus enabling investors to invest with a margin of safety.

As a full service technology savvy investment management company, the platform will make it possible for investors to own “real assets” without the hassle of day-to-day management. Through the use of proprietary technological architectures and methods, decisions are driven by analytics and research to ensure the highest caliber of investment offerings. These same technological methods make it possible for the platform to disintermediate, reduce layers and friction costs, thus making the investment process much more efficient and advantageous for investors.

The investment team at RealAssets™ will follow an institutional strength investment process coupled with a “best-in-class” approach when it comes to curating all aspects of the deals which are presented to investors on the platform. This “best-in-class” approach will be applied not only to the properties themselves but also to, operators, third party fund managers and developers. The RealAssets™ team prides itself on partnering only with top real estate sponsors, operators and fund professionals at every level who have verifiable track records. On behalf of investors, the platform will take equity, preferred equity and mezzanine debt positions in investment grade RealAssets™ with deal sizes between $10MM and $40MM.

“Globally, investors are seeking alternative investments due to the underperformance of equities and negative fixed income returns, and for many of these investors, investment grade real estate is the answer”, said Suresh Nichani, CEO of RealAssets™. “Investors are seeking diversification into alternative investments due to the inherent volatility of equities and due to the fact that real assets can provide consistent cash-flows and a natural inflation hedge.  For many of these investors, investment grade real estate is the answer”, said Suresh Nichani, CEO of RealAssets™. “Our internal research findings are bolstered by general trends in the market which show that institutional investors are shifting increasingly into less liquid assets in order to generate returns and income. The RealAssets™ platform will provide these investors with a multitude of opportunities to deploy their investment capital in order to diversify their real estate portfolios in order to maximize returns”, added Nichani.

During its initial roll-out planned for April 2017, the RealAssets™ team seeks to attract accredited and vetted real estate investors by offering them the opportunity to invest primarily in multi-family residential communities, with opportunities to invest in student housing, office buildings, and hotels to follow on shortly. Eventually the platform seeks to widen its investor audience to include small and large institutions alike. The expansion phase in 2018 will also broaden the range of investments offered on the platform to include other cash flow-generating assets such as storage, retail, malls, mixed-use buildings and also real estate funds.

Nichani and the RealAssets™ team are very excited about this new offering - a platform which they consider to be a real game-changer in terms of widening the ecosystem for investment grade real estate investments. “By bringing investors together, the RealAssets™ Investment Platform will provide a continuous, scalable deal flow of carefully curated, vetted investments”, said Nichani.

About RealAssets™

RealAssets™ is a platform for investing in investment grade real estate. Founded by a team of experienced and proven institutional real estate investors with over 150 years of cumulative high-level investment management and international real estate experience spanning the US, Europe, and India, RealAssets™ allows a diverse array of investors to participate in advantageous and highly sought after investment grade real estate investments which were historically reserved for large institutions, etc. The RealAssets™ platform is secure and intuitive with a user-friendly interface and with sophisticated technological advancements which provide real-time information and tools to investors.

RootCorp LLC, a 100% owned subsidiary, serves as the investment manager and will be using tried and true investment management methods and processes which have been cultivated from real estate deals executed by the team across the globe.



Suresh Nichani

CEO, RealAssets Corporation


Phone: +1.212.873-1194